Why you should choose a prefab cabins vs. a site-built cabin.

When choosing to customize a recreation property by building a living space, a great option for your dream cabin would be a prefabricated home from a reputable manufacturer. Prefab cabins are completely self-contained, and are an efficient and cost-effective option for a second home for vacation purposes.

All amenities, options and customized layouts are available in smaller, well-proportioned with comfortable designs. Much thought and experience goes into the engineering, manufacture, consistency and quality control of these prefab cabins, where quality, safety and efficiency are the main considerations.

A site-built cabin using traditional materials and construction techniques, can be difficult and time consuming to construct, on time, on budget and with lasting quality and comfort for your family. Simply coordinating all of the various trades, materials delivery and building codes and restrictions is a daunting and easily overwhelming process, especially in remote locations, such as rural lakes or mountainous regions, desirable to get away from dense populations.

The smaller physical footprint and self-contained structural integrity of prefab homes, combined with quality building materials, such as stainless steel framing components and integrated electrical and HVAC systems, make them ideal to physically transport into remote areas without giving up any of the quality or relative speedy delivery to the desired site for the cabin. Traditional site-built cabins are quite a feat of coordination; one must assemble and transport all the separate materials, tradespersons, engineering personnel, inspectors and heavy equipment. In a custom prefabricated home, all of these steps in the building process are taken care of ahead of time, in a non-weather dependant, quality-controlled factory environment. All aspects of the manufacture and construction are part of a carefully considered process and, through years of field-tested experience, are to be of the highest quality and adherent to building and safety code specifications.

Site-built, traditional cabins do not enjoy the same tested pedigree and quality assurance. Builders are only as good as their word and reputation, and must be convinced to work in remote locations where building conditions are unknown and variable, and then he building must pass rigorous inspections and the legalities and unknown dangers of building code and materials/labour costs. All of these variables are known, ameliorated and controlled in prefabricated buildings, and they come with the peace of mind with the warranty backing of the manufacturer.

The costs are fixed, known, and there are minimal surprises before delivery (and then, moving into) a prefabricated home as a recreational cabin. They can also be infinitely customized to any level of affordable luxury, using modern materials and finishing surfaces. Options such as interior design, landscaping or alternative fuel sources, even integrated multimedia systems and home theatre are possible and easy to incorporate.

modern prefab cabin

Custom prefab homes are way less susceptible to safety issues, such as fire or heavy snow-loads or pest infestation: rodents, skunks, coyotes or bats, in more rural areas. There is no longer any need for “roughing-it” when enjoying your family’s getaway to the cabin, when using long lasting, quality prefabricated homes on your recreation property.

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