The New Face of Prefab


Not your Gramma’s trailer…

When someone says “prefab” or “modular home” most people get a pretty vivid picture in their heads: vinyl sided, boxy homes that are basically glorified trailers. Although the industry still manufactures this type of home, the face of prefab is changing quickly. When executed properly, modular building actually increases the quality of the structure. At Karoleena, we manufacture our homes indoors because it allows us to produce a superior product in a fraction of the time it would take to build onsite. Here is what separates Karoleena from traditional prefab homes:

Steel Frame Construction:

The steel frame (or Kore) of each Karoleena home is designed by our team of engineering professionals and fabricated in our in house CWB certified welding shop. This steel frame technology makes our structures 400% stronger than a typical wood frame home. Stronger frames allow for unique design features that a standard modular home, and in many cases even a site built home, could not support. Larger window spans, floor to ceiling glazing and interesting cantilevers are just some of these design features supported by the home’s steel Kore.

Each home is comprised of many steel framed modules

Top of the Line Mechanical Systems:

The mechanical system in a standard Karoleena home is above and beyond what would be found in a typical modular home. Our standard system consists of: a Bosch Condensing Boiler, HRV, and forced air system. The 98% efficient dual purpose Bosch Boiler supplies heat to the forced air system while also supplying on demand domestic hot water. The HRV consistently filters fresh air into the home, improving the indoor air quality while maintaining a comfortable room temperature.  These high quality mechanical systems have been designed to work efficiently with one another creating a comfortable, healthy indoor climate while saving the home owner money.

High End Design:

At Karoleena no design detail is overlooked. Our team of professionals have sourced out the highest quality finishes, fixtures and building materials. Our standard homes include energy efficient LED lighting, engineered hardwood flooring, custom millwork, quartz countertops, and European fixtures creating the timeless, modern aesthetic that has become Karoleena’s signature style. Check out the finished product in our design gallery.


The new face of prefab is prefabulous.


  • Miami Real Estate Guy

    I love everything about this; wish I could find some available land for one in Miami Beach!

    • Kurt Goodjohn

      We wish you could too. Thanks for commenting.

  • Aleigh

    I live in Vancouver and so just buying land is a challenge. Do you have a lane way style prefab houses? I don’t need a lot of square footage just efficient design. Thank you!

    • Kurt Goodjohn

      Hi Aleigh, please email us at, so we can send you some more info. Thanks.

  • Aleigh

    Aaso, how hard is it to install your own items into the house such as fireplaces and home electronic systems after the house is built? Is it awkward and expensive to do renovations to the delivered product? And one last question, is the house too energy efficient and too “sealed” to breathe properly? Thanks again!

  • Aleigh

    Are the Karo cabins still available?