Purchase Process

Investing in a Karoleena home guarantees an unparalleled luxury homebuilding experience. All the information you need to know about purchasing a Karoleena home can be found in our Karoleena Customer Journey document. Within the document you will learn more about our:

  • Efficient, phased building approach
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Reduced number of decision steps
  • Concierge service between you and the Karoleena divisions: design, manufacture and install
  • Objective to consistently create a successful organized experience

Click the link to download our Karoleena Customer Journey brochure outlining the step-by-step process.


Our Building Process

As a trailblazer in the residential modular construction industry, Karoleena has gained a firm understanding of both the urban and rural homebuyer’s requirements. Our technologically advanced, systems-built homes continue to set the standard in neighbourhoods across western Canada.

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