Modular Home Questions

Karoleena is committed to excellence in home building procedures and customer service. We strive to make the homebuilder’s life easier by providing all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Here are some answers to the most popular questions that we’ve received from customers looking to build a new home.

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The Karoleena Building Process FAQs

Why would I use Karoleena instead of a different home builder?

Karoleena was one of the first to build technologically advanced, systems-built homes in Canada. We have been trailblazers in the field and have a firm grasp on both the urban and rural home buyer’s wants and needs. We are committed to providing cutting-edge home innovations, green technologies, and efficient processes to offer you a home that is delivered on time and on budget. We construct homes to the highest level of quality and as eco-friendly and forward-thinking as can be, while remaining affordable for our deserving clients.

What's different about a Karoleena Home?

Karoleena homes are built as modules in a factory controlled environment. They are protected from environmental conditions such as snow and rain at every stage and move through our environmentally controlled factory with strict quality control measures in place throughout the entire building process taking advantage of the same innovative benefits that Henry Ford and Toyota’s LEAN manufacturing have. Once completed inside our manufacturing facility, the modules are protected for transport, then shipped to your lot, where the modules are craned onto the completed foundation and secured in place with finishing touches completed by our team of professionals.

What makes your building process so unique?

Our homes are built with a different construction process compared to site-built homes, while often utilizing similar materials. Most conventional, site built homes include manufactured components like floor, roof trusses, windows and standardized cabinetry. At Karoleena, we build as much as possible of your home off-site while simultaneously your site work is being done. This means we can build your entire home in less than half of the time for conventional site build, with minimal disturbance to your neighbors, surrounding community, and far less overall environmental impact. We shift the focus from hammer, nails and weather delays to an intelligent design, manufacturing and delivery process. We employ the latest advances in technology to deliver homes that are structurally, architecturally, mechanically, electrically and environmentally engineered from top to bottom

What makes your building process so environmentally friendly?

With traditional building sites, you can expect to see bins filled with construction scraps throughout the building process. In addition, many sites experience theft as well as material losses or damage due to inclement weather. With our process, overall waste is reduced by following a streamlined production process. Our modular construction process eliminates the many months of tradespeople, materials and supplies traveling to and from a conventional work site.

Misconception FAQs

Do you build conventional homes as well?

Many years ago, Karoleena started out building homes using conventional construction methods. After years of site construction in a custom build environment we learned first-hand that the industry was ready and ripe for change. We translated our experience from conventional homes to modular, system-built construction to offer higher quality, better consistency and what we believe is the future of sustainably built homes. Although we no longer offer conventionally built homes we encourage you to explore the advantages of building modular with us.

Are Karoleena homes the same as RTMs (ready to move homes), mobile or manufactured homes?

No. Karoleena builds to CSA A277 (Modular Homes) and in most cases exceeds the provincial building code. Karoleena homes has the ability to transport to your location by truck, barge or helicopter. The method by which your Karoleena home is built and delivered is incredibly strong, with a superior building envelope that is energy-efficient, durability and weather resistance, and architecturally distinct from the ground up.

Do all manufactured homes look alike?

No, and unless you were there to see a Karoleena home delivered and assembled, it is virtually indistinguishable from those built by conventional construction methods. All of Karoleena homes are uniquely designed by our team of designers and engineers.

How big are the homes you build?

Karoleena prides itself on being able to build everything from city infills, lane homes, secondary suites, to recreation properties big and small. Our homes range in size from 400 square feet to several thousand square feet. Essentially, we can design any size of home you desire – all you need is the land to accommodate it.

How long does it take to build a Karoleena home?

Timeline depends on the size of your home. The tempo at which we build is about three months per 800 square feet, with every 800 square feet adding a couple more weeks onto the process. You can expect around four months for a 2000 square foot home in the facility. Once manufacturing is complete, delivery and installation take approximately 2-4 weeks for every 1000 sf or 4-8 weeks for a 2000 sf home

If I pick out a home now, how long do I have to wait until I can move in?

Our time frame is vastly reduced in comparison to traditional stick builders, which are often 12 – 24 months from start to finish. A standard model Karoleena home with standard finishes from the time you sign off on the design and specification and we begin manufacturing your home could be delivered and ready for your occupancy in six months or less! The degree of customization, upgrades and finishing can move your delivery date however still faster than site build.

Are Karoleena homes built to code and Inspected?

Absolutely. Karoleena homes are designed and constructed to meet or exceed local building codes for every region they are built for. Representatives of the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) also inspect your home during construction in our manufacturing facility, with local building inspectors follow up on site. All Karoleena home plans are architecturally designed and engineered structurally, mechanically and electrically, with registered professional stamps of approval in addition to the necessary municipal, town or city approvals where the home is being installed.

Am I restricted to certain places if I wish to build a Karoleena home?

In most cases obtaining your development permit is the same as it would be for a conventional site build. Essentially, anywhere you can build a conventional home, we can build our modular homes. If you’re looking to build in a place where road access doesn’t exist, we’ve built our modules to accommodate barge and helicopter transport as well.

Do you have architects or designers on staff?

Yes. We have designers and engineers on staff. We also work with several architects, designers, engineers and interior designers as needed, who are all just as passionate about intelligent design as we are.

Building Codes, Warranties and Product Advantages

Am I restricted to certain places if I wish to build a Karoleena home?

In most cases obtaining your development permit is the same as it would be for a conventional site build. Essentially, anywhere you can build a conventional home, we can build our modular homes. If you’re looking to build in a place where road access doesn’t exist, we’ve built our modules to accommodate barge and helicopter transport as well.

How complete is the house when it is delivered to my site?

Your Karoleena home is approximately 90 percent complete before it leaves our manufacturing facility. Typically, only ‘button up’ work is necessary once your home is secured to its foundation. This includes minor drywall and painting touch-ups as well as mechanical and electrical tie-ins – all of which, are included in the cost of your home.

Does the house come with all the wiring and plumbing completed?

Yes, all wiring and plumbing are complete. Once the home arrives and is placed on the foundation, the main services which have been previously brought to the house are connected to the electrical panel, water and sewer utilities. Depending on the location of your home this site work can be completed by our installation team or by a local General Contractor of your choice.

What is the cost of your home?

Your home costs can vary due to many factors, including size, site location, degree of customization, upgrades and finishing.

What about the painting and finishing?

The home is finished prior to handing over the keys. We are an HPO and National New Home Warranty member and must provide a ‘zero deficiency’ home as per the certificate of possession.

Do you also do the roofing and siding outside?

We strive to complete as much as possible within our factory controlled environment. If any roofing or siding cannot be manufactured in the factory prior to transport, we will complete it on site.

Do you finish the basement?

We recommend that any basements be finished by local trades after we have completed the modular portion of the build and we are gone.

If you have not found the answer to your home building question, we would be happy to speak with you about it. We also recommend that you read our Karoleena Customer Journey document which will give you more information and pricing on our homes.