Building Process

Our building process is simple. Once you’ve chosen a design and entered into a Purchase Agreement, we outline a series of completion dates for various aspects of your project.

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    Design and Engineering

    Karoleena will prepare drawings for your submission to the local municipality for approval. This process usually takes between one and four weeks.

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    Once your design is finalized, we will submit the plans for permit. Depending on your jurisdiction, this process usually takes between one and eight months.

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    Once permits have been approved, building can commence. With our system, the foundation and site work will commence concurrently with the manufacturing process. It can take as little as six months for this stage of the process depending on the size of the home you have selected.

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    Once manufacturing is complete and the site is ready, your home will be shipped to site and installed via crane. The installation process usually takes one day.

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    After install, we will complete the work to tie in electrical, mechanical, and module to module connections. This process takes anywhere between one week and several weeks depending on the size of your home.

Home Installation

When manufacturing is completed, we ship your home by truck and install it on site. This process generally takes between one and eight weeks, depending on the size of your home.

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