The Mike Holmes Group is pleased to announce that Horizon North Logistics Inc. (“Horizon North”), through its residential, modular home brand of Karoleena, is now an official Holmes Approved Homes builder.

Emphasizing quality and efficiency, Holmes Approved Homes builders build to Mike Holmes’ standards which incorporate industry-leading products to help protect the home and homeowner. This includes features such as fire and sound protection, high indoor air quality, heat recovery systems, and durable materials.

“I partnered with Horizon North for two reasons,” stated Mike Holmes, President of The Mike Holmes Group, “First, they share my same values for quality construction which means building above industry standards. Second, with modular homes, you’re building greener homes in a factory controlled environment, and because the modules are manufactured indoors, you’re leaving less of an ecological imprint than you would with a conventional build.”

“I have my own fully-trained inspectors inspect every Holmes Approved Home, both during and after construction, documenting what they see.” Added Holmes, “They make sure every unit meets what I think will be tomorrow’s new standards for homebuilding.”

Karoleena is notable for being a leading builder in the field of modular homes and is committed to providing cutting-edge home innovations, constructed to the highest level of quality and environmental standards. Through the utilization of green technologies, materials, and processes, Karoleena provides an eco-friendly and safer approach to building.  By using modular construction technology, Karoleena is able to create premium, modern homes that deliver superior design and quality craftsmanship.  Because modular homes are built in a factory, they are not exposed to elements in nature that can lead to warping, insects, or mould.

“Our residential division, through the Karoleena brand, is extremely eager to begin working with Holmes Approved Homes as our vision and core values align in providing our customers with an exceptional experience through quality, integrity and trust.” commented Rod Graham, President and Chief Executive Officer of Horizon North. “This partnership confirms that our residential offering meets or exceeds the stringent standards incorporated in all Holmes Approved Homes, providing a more durable product.”

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About Karoleena

Karoleena is a manufacturer of premium modern homes, focused on superior design, quality, speed and craftsmanship through its manufacturing process. Karoleena’s homes are constructed in a factory controlled environment utilizing modular construction technology then delivered to and installed on site. Karoleena is able to offer its customers a move in ready home in as little as six months of commencement of manufacturing.