• Naramata Exterior

    “The biggest reason we went with Karoleena is the solid build. Everyone really likes the home, an appraiser who has seen thousands of homes said that this is the best laid out sturdiest home he’s ever seen.” - Kent Gillings (Karoleena Home Owner)

  • The Purchase Process

    Karoleena has spent significant time developing an unparalleled offering with a terrific product coupled with built in value added services.  Our process is detailed in the document available on this page and will arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Click the link below to obtain our step-by-step Dirt, Design, Dwell process.

    • Efficient phased approach
    • Dedicated Project Management
    • Reduced number of decisions to make
    • Concierge service between you and the Karoleena divisions: design, manufacture, and install
    • Our objective is to consistently create a successful organized experience