• VIDEO: Mike Holmes tours Karoleena’s World Class Facility

    In April, Mike Holmes and the Holmes Approved Homes team was provided a tour of Horizon North’s world class manufacturing facility in Kamloops, British Columbia.  Shortly thereafter Horizon North, through its residential, modular home brand of Karoleena, was named an official Holmes Approved Homes builder. The Holmes Approved Homes Program focuses on the integration of […]

  • Building Positive Neighbourly Relationships, Starts at the Beginning!

    You have finally completed your home buyer due diligence, have fallen in love with a community, the lot and land, a ‘piece of your own paradise’ for your new home build.  You are now ready to proceed with constructing your modern dwelling.  This is the point in the process where a conventional home builder typically […]

  • Your Next Holmes Approved Home: Mike Holmes Discusses Working with Karoleena

    I get asked a lot about modular homes. People are concerned that with a modular home, you’re not getting the same quality as you would with a traditional build. Here’s my answer: like with a traditional build, the quality of your modular home will depend on the reputation and skill of the builder. Just like […]

  • Karoleena an Official Holmes Approved Homes Builder

    The Mike Holmes Group is pleased to announce that Horizon North Logistics Inc. (“Horizon North”), through its residential, modular home brand of Karoleena, is now an official Holmes Approved Homes builder. Emphasizing quality and efficiency, Holmes Approved Homes builders build to Mike Holmes’ standards which incorporate industry-leading products to help protect the home and homeowner. […]

  • The New Face of Prefab

      Not your Gramma’s trailer… When someone says “prefab” or “modular home” most people get a pretty vivid picture in their heads: vinyl sided, boxy homes that are basically glorified trailers. Although the industry still manufactures this type of home, the face of prefab is changing quickly. When executed properly, modular building actually increases the […]

  • sealing the prefab house together

    10 Reasons to build a modern prefab home or prefab cabin

    Learn 10 ways prefab homes or prefab cabins are better than traditional construction Unsurpassed Strength and Quality Our steel frame technology (Kores) builds the most durable structure; 400% stronger than a wood structure.Our steel kore consists of 10″ steel i-beams and HSS columns. Build your home to stand the test of time. It doesn’t end […]

  • Another exciting crane day – modern prefab home

    Tuesday August 4th – 12:00AM, Karoleena Headquarters: The Karoleena crew loads modules onto 3 flatbed semi-trucks.  Each module is shrink-wrapped and secured with straps to ensure total stability while in-transit. 3:00am: On transit, the trucks are stopped at the weigh scales. The heaviest module comes in at 51,000lbs. This is the kitchen module inclusive with […]

  • Why are we an award winning home builder?

    Because we are years ahead in building technology and sustainability compared to traditional home builders; modular construction has been used globally since the turn of the 1900’s and housed people through the world wars, but today it is revolutionizing the home building industry. Due to the large quantity of timber available in North America, wooden framed homes […]

  • Why you should choose a prefab cabins vs. a site-built cabin.

    When choosing to customize a recreation property by building a living space, a great option for your dream cabin would be a prefabricated home from a reputable manufacturer. Prefab cabins are completely self-contained, and are an efficient and cost-effective option for a second home for vacation purposes. All amenities, options and customized layouts are available […]

  • Shipping container homes vs. modular homes

    There is a noticeable, intriguing movement towards repurposing steel shipping containers into living spaces, with a ‘green’, industrial-chic aesthetic and a nod to recycling. While this appears to be an inexpensive and practical use for these units, there is a deceptively complicated set of parameters that make this process an insurmountably challenging one. Shipping containers […]

  • Choices for modern homes

    The Trend Towards Choosing Prefab Modern Homes For Revenue Suites & Renovation As property values rise, and urban densification becomes the new model in urban planning, modern houses are being looked at from a whole new retinue of possible design choices and trends. Post-war and traditional post-and-beam constructs are looked at as possible “tear-downs”, with […]

  • Design your own house

    Modern ways to design your own house Designing your own house can be an exciting experience.  You are able to use your creative spirit to put your special touches into the final product.  Adding your design ideas to your new home is a wonderful way to make a house a home. These custom home design floor […]