Kadence Modular Homes

Kadence delivers high quality, cost effective single family homes in an assortment of layouts personalized to your liking.  Move into your Kadence home in as little as six months while still incorporating the finishing touches of your choice from our array of options.  Kadence homes offer modern or traditional designs that demonstrate quality while providing comfort.

Why Build a Kadence Home?

Kadence homes are constructed to the highest level of quality and environmental standards, providing new, cost effective home options in the housing market. Move into your brand new, personalized Kadence home in as little as six months. Our innovative indoor manufacturing process removes environmental risk factors and maximizes the benefits of building in a controlled environment, allowing us to deliver your Kadence home on time and on budget.  Kadence homes feature wood frame construction and offer modern or traditional designs that demonstrate quality, while providing comfort.

We utilize a modular construction method, differing from other conventional methods, such as ‘stick-built’, which is a piece-by-piece process constructed right on site. Both methods utilize the same materials, design philosophy, and follow the same building codes and standards.  However, modular construction uses sophisticated technology and industry leading design software to identify elements of a construction project that can be prefabricated as modules of various sizes, in a factory controlled environment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are ready to answer them. Visit our frequently asked questions page to get answers to the most popular questions from Kadence homeowners, just like you.

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The Modular Construction Advantage

Move into your brand new Kadence home in as little as 6 months.

We create a superior built home by reducing environmental risks and maximizing the benefits of manufacturing in a factory controlled environment. An inherently ‘greener’ and safer approach, modular construction generates less waste material and creates less site disturbance.

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