Karoleena Luxury Homes

Designer luxury homes of distinction.

Modern Scandinavian styling and premium finishes define every aspect of your Karoleena luxury home. Built with high-end finishes, Karoleena’s superior design, modular construction technology and elite craftsmanship result in top quality luxurious homes.

Your custom home, ready in as little as six months.

Our innovative indoor manufacturing process is never delayed by rain, sleet or snow, providing you with refined certainty when your home will be ready to occupy.

Delivered with care.

Delivery and assembly is all a part of the Karoleena custom home process. From standard city lots to remote locations, Karoleena’s installation and construction team will assemble your luxury home wherever you desire.


Why Build a Karoleena Home?

Karoleena is committed to providing cutting-edge home innovations, constructed to the highest level of quality and environmental standards, while remaining affordable for our deserving clients. By utilizing green technologies, materials, and processes, Karoleena built homes are eco-friendly and forward thinking dwellings, delivered on time and on budget.
Karoleena homes utilize a modular construction method, differing from other conventional methods such as ‘stick-built’, which is a piece-by-piece process constructed right on site. Both methods utilize the similar materials and design philosophy, and follow the same building codes and standards. However, modular construction uses sophisticated technology and industry leading design software to identify elements of a construction project that can be prefabricated as modules of various sizes, in a factory controlled environment.

We have designed and manufactured multiple home layouts with varying features, from a 250 square foot micro-cube to a 3,000 square foot dream home. Through years of experience, we have refined our product, delivering exceptional value and quality to our customers. With modular construction, the majority of the work is completed in our manufacturing facilities, including finishing, flooring, countertops, fixtures, appliances, and in some cases the furniture. When your home is ready for shipment to the prepared foundation and site, it is 80-90% complete.


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Standard Specifications

Each Karoleena home is built to the same exacting standards of quality. Our standard home specifications Product Guide offers you an insight into the strongest, most quality conscious, energy efficient building materials used in all of our homes.

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The Modular Construction Advantage

Move into your brand new Karoleena home in as little as six months.

Karoleena creates a superior quality productbuilt home by reducing environmental risks and maximizing the benefits of manufacturing in a factory controlled environment. An inherently ‘greener’ and safer approach, modular construction generates less waste material and creates less site disturbance.

Experience our advantage.