Firm Answers to Your Hard Questions: Why a Modular Home? – Part II of III

In part one of this three part blog series we determined that YOU want to build a home.  We also introduced you to the idea of Karoleena, luxury modern homes that deliver superior design and quality craftsmanship in an unbeatable timeline.  As explained, Karoleena homes are manufactured as modules in a factory controlled environment, then shipped and craned onto the completed foundation on your lot.  We may have forgot to mention this can all occur in as little as six months!

This home building method can be referred to as modular construction, which obviously differs from a conventional site-built method.  Now we know anything new and different from the home builders ‘traditional ways’ can create an assortment of questions, and maybe even concerns.  To recap, in Part I we answered the following questions:

Why would I use Karoleena instead of a different home builder?
What’s different about a Karoleena home?
Do all manufactured or modular homes look alike?
Are Karoleena homes built to code and Inspected?

Now, like many others before, you are intrigued and perceive yourself as an ‘early adopter’, willing to take advantage of modern methods that can get you in a superior quality home, quicker. But, you have more questions.  We understand, and in this three part blog series we have tried to envision the hard questions that you have brewing internally and provide some firm answers.

What makes the Karoleena home building process so unique?

Karoleena homes are built with a different construction process compared to site-built homes, while often utilizing similar materials. Most conventional, site built homes include manufactured components like floor, roof trusses, windows and standardized cabinetry. At Karoleena, we build as much of your home as possible off-site, while your site work is simultaneously being completed. This means we can build your entire home in less than half of the time for conventional site build, with minimal disturbance to your neighbors, surrounding community, and far less overall environmental impact. We shift the focus from hammer, nails and weather delays to an intelligent design, manufacturing and delivery process. We employ the latest advances in technology to deliver homes that are structurally, architecturally, mechanically, electrically and environmentally engineered from top to bottom.

What makes the modular construction building process so environmentally friendly?

With traditional building sites, you can expect to see waste bins filled with construction scraps throughout the building process. In addition, many sites experience theft as well as material losses or damage due to inclement weather. With modular construction, overall waste is reduced by following a streamlined manufacturing process, which produces a fraction of waste by utilizing computer and laser controlled cutting machinery, significantly reducing off cuts. Our process also eliminates the many months of tradespeople, materials and supplies traveling to and from a conventional work site. To learn more on how modular construction limits your home build’s overall local impact, read the Karoleena blog Building Positive Neighbourly Relationships, Starts at the Beginning.

How big are the homes you build?

Karoleena prides itself on being able to build everything from city infills, lane homes, secondary suites, to recreation properties big and small. Our homes range in size from 400 square feet to several thousand square feet. Essentially, we can design any size of home you desire – all you need is the land to accommodate it.

If I pick out a home now, how long do I have to wait until I can move in?

Our time frame is vastly reduced in comparison to traditional site-built homes, a standard model Karoleena luxury home could be delivered and ready for your occupancy in six months or less! Our innovative indoor manufacturing process is never delayed by rain, sleet or snow, providing you with refined certainty when your home will be ready to occupy.



In the coming weeks we will attempt to firmly answer more hard questions about manufactured homes and why we believe Karoleena delivers a far superior product than those provided through conventional construction methods.  Stay tuned for Part III in the Why a Modular Home? blog series.

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