Firm Answers to Your Hard Questions: Why a Modular Home? – Part I of III

So, you want to build a NEW home.  Congratulations, you have now become one of the most sought after customers on the consumer market.  You will eventually take notice of all the home building marketing and advertising materials infiltrating your life.  Print and online advertising, commercials, radio spots, emails – now that you are looking, home builders are looking for you, and at you!  This concentration of direct contact from various developers and builders is not necessarily a bad thing, it can assist with choosing a home builder, but how do you separate the truths, lies and misconceptions?

Karoleena offers premium modern homes that deliver superior design and quality craftsmanship in an unbeatable timeline.  This is accomplished by utilizing a modular construction method, differing from other conventional home building, which is a piece-by-piece process, constructed right on your home’s future lot.  Karoleena homes are built as various modules in a factory controlled environment, then shipped to your lot, where the modules are craned onto the completed foundation and secured in place with finishing touches completed by a team of professionals.

I know what you’re thinking, more rhetoric from another home builder, not to mention one that utilizes a ‘non-traditional’ method.  I am sure this has only created more questions for you, the home buyer, than it has answered.

In this three part blog series we try to envision the hard questions that you have brewing internally and provide some firm answers.

Why would I use Karoleena instead of a different home builder?

Karoleena was one of the first to build technologically advanced, systems-built homes in Canada. We have been trailblazers in the field and have a firm grasp on both the urban and rural home buyer’s wants and needs. We are committed to providing cutting-edge home innovations, green technologies, and efficient processes to offer you a home that is delivered on time and on budget. We construct homes to the highest level of quality and as eco-friendly and forward-thinking as they can be, while remaining affordable for our deserving clients. Being a ‘Holmes Approved Homes’ builder, Karoleena emphasizes quality and efficiency, building to Mike Holmes’ standards which incorporate industry-leading products to help protect the home and homeowner.

What’s different about a Karoleena home?

Karoleena homes are built as modules in a factory controlled environment. They are protected from environmental conditions such as snow and rain at every stage and move through our environmentally controlled factory.  Strict quality control measures in place throughout the entire building process taking advantage of the same innovative benefits that the automotive industry has in place. Once completed inside our manufacturing facility, the modules are protected for transport, then shipped to your lot, where the modules are craned onto the completed foundation and secured in place with finishing touches completed by our team of professionals.

Do all manufactured or modular homes look alike?

No, and unless you were there to see a Karoleena home delivered and assembled, it is virtually indistinguishable from those built by conventional construction methods. All Karoleena homes are uniquely designed by our team of designers and engineers.

Are Karoleena homes built to code and inspected?

Absolutely. Karoleena homes are designed and constructed to meet or exceed local building codes for every region in which they are built. All Karoleena home plans are architecturally designed and engineered structurally, mechanically and electrically, with registered professional stamps of approval in addition to the necessary municipal, town or city approvals where the home is being installed.

In the coming weeks we will attempt to firmly answer more hard questions about manufactured homes and why we believe Karoleena delivers a far superior product than those provided through conventional construction methods.  Stay tuned for Parts II and III in the Why a Modular Home? blog series.

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