Our promise to you.

Nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

Designer Prefab Homes.

  • Peace of mind with 3 industry leading principles.

  • 1. Price Certainty

    Forget about sloppy budget over runs, weather delays and the typical issues which plague traditional custom home pricing. At Karoleena you get price certainty right from the start.

    2. Timeframe Certainy

    Ready in 6 months or less from start of manufacturing, enjoy an accelerated build timeframe as your home is precision engineered in our state of the art factory. We’re never delayed by rain, snow or theft, so your new designer home is move-in ready before you know it.

    3. Quality Certainty

    Craftsmanship, premium materials and modern process come together in each Karoleena home. The quality of our homes is assured and the common concerns associated with a traditional custom home builder are alleviated.

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  • "This year’s Karoleena-built (PNE) dream home is a sleek abode with plenty of glass, wood and green features." - Ian Austin - The Province