Design your own house

Modern ways to design your own house

Designing your own house can be an exciting experience.  You are able to use your creative spirit to put your special touches into the final product.  Adding your design ideas to your new home is a wonderful way to make a house a home.

These custom home design floor plans ideas will get your creative juices flowing and daydreaming about creating you own dream house.

Planning to design your own house

It’s all in the details at Karoleena, we believe the lion’s share of work should be up front, with intelligent design, before you start spending big dollars on actual construction.

Taking the time to really plan out your custom home build inevitably saves time and money during the construction process. Good design also ensures no wasted space or over building just to accommodate some ideal square footage goal.

Often our homes provide more usable space in 2000 sqft than most homes do in 3000 sqft.  Because of our intelligent, beautiful designs, people often say “wow, this place feels so much larger than it is”.  When we hear that, we know we’ve done something right!

According to the US 2012 Survey of Construction (SOC) from the Census Bureau houses built on owner’s land take about 8 months if built by a contractor and more than 11 months if they are owner-built (i.e., where the owner of the land serves as a general contractor). Source

Here in Western Canada, and speaking from experience, site built homes can take up to 3 years to build from general contractors!  As building regulations become more and more stringent, constructing a home on site will take longer and longer.

Karoleena offers a unique, streamlined, efficient, building process that can have you in a new home in as little as 6 month. However the design and permitting process for a custom home can take over a year to complete. If you are hoping to be in your new custom home next year, you’re likely behind already so start now to design your own house and start the planning process to get you in a new home sooner.

Design your Own Home With Less Stress

There is a lot of stress and time that goes into building a house if you have never done it before.  You have to get the proper building permits, figure out the best way to lay the foundation, organize all the trades and make sure that each is there at the right time and doing the right things at that stage of the build.

If you are not an experienced home builder you may waste alot of time and money repeating tasks, driving back and forth to the local hardware store to pick up forgotten pieces or not knowing what trades people you need for the next stage of the building process; even when you do know, trying to find quality workers or have them show up on time is an even bigger struggle.

Consider designing your home with an experienced and knowledgable builder.  The home builder can trouble shoot your custom home design ideas to bring you to a realistic design conclusion that makes sense for you and the building code that you will need to adhere to. Using Karoleena’s prefab, modular building technology a fully custom home can be designed by our team of internal designers or by your own Architect (as long as they are Karoleena approved). Using our technology ensures the same level of quality every time, even if it is custom, as well as certainty of budget and construction timeframe.

Save Time & Money Designing your Own Home

We gaurantee the build timeline of your custom home and, in most cases, it will be built in 6 months or less – gauranteed! Now according to the 2012 Survey of Construction that beats out hiring a contractor to build your house by 2 months and if the home owner builds it, you have just saved 5 months minimum of construcion time.  Two months might not seem like a long time but think about what you can do with an 60 days. To put 60 days into real terms that could be the summer – July and August. When you think an entire summer then 60 days is a lot of time you should be doing the things you love rather than waiting in limbo for your home to be built.  Untitled-14

60 days in monetary value: paying 90% of your mortgage for land and home, while living in a rental or hotel adds up quickly. If your custom home is being built on site and it takes 18 months or more to build, we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars just in interest.

Get the benefits and facts about designing or building a modern prefab modular home. Contact Karoleena with all your custom design or building questions.