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The Trend Towards Choosing Prefab Modern Homes For Revenue Suites & Renovation

As property values rise, and urban densification becomes the new model in urban planning, modern houses are being looked at from a whole new retinue of possible design choices and trends. Post-war and traditional post-and-beam constructs are looked at as possible “tear-downs”, with the desire for efficient, modular, smaller footprint modern houses that make the most efficient use of space and while infinitely adaptable design.

The trend is toward a main larger, but still cost-effective, detached home, with a smaller revenue-suite to offset mortgage payments, often with converted-garage-style modern homes called “laneway housing”. Urban planners and first-time buyers are trending towards prefab modular homes as modern housing to fit the need for quality, customizable efficient designs, in fixed-cost quality and forward looking design, with a trend towards green-materials and aesthetic treatment, without sacrificing quality nor efficiency.

City zoning restrictions are making allowances for these smaller modern houses to maximize civic taxation revenue, and make the most of smaller lot sizes and retention of green spaces. Many are choosing prefabricated, or prefab homes for his new trend in property and building design, owing to quality, efficiency and the flexible manner in which these technologically advanced prefab units can be assembled, interlocked and customized.

Prefabs homes are the perfect choice for sturdy, consistent quality and standards in customization, backed by the builder and with easily controlled fixed material and labour costs. Knowing he quality of building techniques, materials used and size specifications make these prefab modern homes a logical choice in building options. Smaller family sizes can make use of the smaller physical footprint of these units, with infinite customizable layout options and surface treatments as possible choices of the latest trend-oriented aesthetic treatments for modern homes; steel-cladding, interlocking concrete tiles, hardwood veneers and siding, native-plants landscape design and green-roof or sustainable alternative energy sources (micro-solar, -wind- or hydro systems).

First-time home builders can employ prefab homes while following the latest trends in materials, design and landscaping to build their modern house, while knowing the exact specifications, size, materials and building-code requirements.

Modern homes must balance market demand for space and land-use efficient footprints while controlling project costs, speed of construction with builder-assurances, all while mitigating environmental, community impact and cost-effectiveness. Prefab homes can drastically reduce the project timeline, while meeting the desire for an individualized aesthetic architectural statement using trendy materials, cutting design and layout configurations to offer a world of customization. Many new building projects are trending towards prefab homes in adding a revenue suite, in renovations to add levels or more family space, and as cost-effective options for recreational properties. Learn more about modern home designs from Karoleena.

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