Karoleena vs. Traditional Builders

Custom home buyer concerns.

The purchase of a custom home is a big step.
Ensure your key concerns are properly addressed by your builder.

  • Cost Concerns

    It’s your home, you have the right to know exactly how much everything will cost upfront and lock in that exact price.

  • Traditional Builder
    • Often has fuzzy pricing
    • Often won’t guarantee final cost
  • Karoleena
    • 100% Price certainty from the Factory
    • Positively fixed factory cost

  • Timeline Concerns

    Moving is never easy and timing everything just right can often be a challenge. With Karoleena, you know exactly when your home will be move-in ready.

  • Traditional Builder
    • Builds outdoors
    • Frequently delayed by bad weather
    • Cannot guarantee move-in date
  • Karoleena
    • Manufactures indoors
    • Is not delayed by bad weather
    • Predictable delivery date

  • Quality Concerns

    At their core, the process of building good old “stick frame” homes hasn’t changed much in centuries. At Karoleena, you get the strength and quality of modern manufacturing techniques and materials.

  • Traditional Builder
    • 2 by 4 lumber “stick frame” construction
    • Same old building techniques used since early 1900s
  • Karoleena
    • Innovative structural steel frame
    • Modern manufacturing process

  • Environmental Concerns

    The construction industry is responsible for producing an incredible amount of waste. Karoleena’s innovative factory build process, LEED certification options and Corporate Social Responsibility practices work hard to minimize waste and maximize the ecological value of our production.

  • Traditional Builder
    • Wasteful job site setting
    • Produces high landfill volume
    • Minimal opportunity to reduce waste
  • Karoleena
    • Efficient factory setting
    • Produces relatively low waste
    • Maximum waste reduction opportunities