10 Reasons to build a modern prefab home or prefab cabin

Learn 10 ways prefab homes or prefab cabins are better than traditional construction


  1. Unsurpassed Strength and Quality
    Our steel frame technology (Kores) builds the most durable structure; 400% stronger than a wood structure.Our steel kore consists of 10″ steel i-beams and HSS columns. Build your home to stand the test of time. It doesn’t end with our super strength steel Kores: check out our standard specification materials that go into all of our modern prefab cabins and homes.
  2. Professional, Knowledgeable and Experienced
    Karoleena is a leader in modern modular construction, but it hasn’t been easy pioneering in this amazing field. However, thanks to our persistance very few people or companies can say they have the real knowledge and experience that our team has acquired. We are experts, which means you get a premium modular home built with certainly of time and budget. We also bring a level of professionalism not typically seen in the construction industry, and we think that is important to you to learn about our team.
  3. Less impact on the environment A prefab home reduces 7000 Ibs of construction waste, per home, compared to the traditional home building process. More importantly, the end product has the most energy efficient building envelope possible, which saves you money while saving our world.
  4. Consistent end product Thanks to the modular home building process the entire house is built in a climate controlled facility. You benefit from this building process because every house is built to the same standard under the same conditions with superior quality control measures. When you build in a well lit, 15 degrees Celsius environment, you get perfect every time.
  5. Fully engineered Our prefab modular designs, whether standard, pseudo custom or fully custom, are structurally engineered and can withstand seismic and extreme weather like heavy snow loads or high winds; each dwelling is engineered specifically for it’s final location – whether you are using it as a home or cabin, it’s always the same.
  6. Built in significantly less time Your modern prefab home is built in 6 months or less. It will look stunning and you will feel less stress from the building process, because it is livable in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional construction. Have you ever thought about how difficult building in a remote area like the gulf islands could be? A prefab cabin takes almost all of that difficulty away.  Check out our Waterton modular home, perched up on one of Gabriola Island’s highest peaks. Don’t be fooled, however, because the same issues faced when building in the Gulf Islands exist when building in Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton or any major center.
  7. Accurate building costs Staying on budget when building a prefab home is easy. Simply walk through thehome purchasing steps to determine and rule out any unforeseen building details. Your building costs stay on track because there are no time lays due to weather, minimal trade or accident damage, and no material theft on site.
  8. Less destruction and noise Your neighbours are going to love you, because installation of your premium modular home is only 1-2 days. Your house is installed on the foundation and then professionally seamed together with the final touches. This means the noise and traffic from trades and suppliers who usually come and go on a daily basis, over long periods of time with traditional home construction, is all but eliminated – 90% of the work is done in our factory and the rest is done on site by our professional crew.
  9. Feel and looks like a traditional built home The combination of amodern home design modern energy efficient building materials will have you impressing your guests as the wander through your halls and soak in the comfort and convenience of each room design.
  10. Architecturally designed home Architectural designs can be expensive, but we’ve already done all of the work with our standard, architecturally inspired plans and it has taken us years to perfect. A prefab home will not look like a cookie cutter home that you see in so many neighbourhoods today.  Each home design layout is well thought out, energy efficient and designed by creative professionals.



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