Luxury dream homes that are move-in ready in as little as six months. An exceptional experience in modular design and innovation. This is Karoleena.

A leader in residential modular home construction, Karoleena is committed to providing cutting-edge home innovations, to the highest level of construction quality and environmental standards.

How do we do it? We manufacture our homes using modular construction technology at our factory-controlled facility in Kamloops, British Columbia, then deliver them through our in-house transportation division and install them on-site.

The modular construction advantage

The innovative nature of modular construction means Karoleena’s premium, modern homes deliver superior design and quality craftsmanship, with benefits that are unmatched by conventional site builds:

  • Better cost management: Karoleena strives to ensure customers realize cost certainty on each home by virtually eliminating opportunities for overruns, like delays or damage due to weather, or material losses due to theft.
  • Reduced timeframe: With manufacturing occurring in the controlled environment at the same time as foundational work on the eventual site, the overall project time can be reduced by up to 50 per cent over traditional builds.
  • Higher quality of materials: Karoleena creates a superior product by reducing environmental risk factors and maximizing the benefits of manufacturing in a controlled environment. Because modular homes are manufactured off-site, they are not exposed to elements in nature that can lead to warping, insects, or mold.
  • Luxury builds in remote locations: The modular building technique means that units can reach remote locations and be built to accommodate the wide range of terrains that those areas can offer. Once the modules are delivered and assembled, and integration is complete, your home is virtually indistinguishable from those built by conventional construction methods.
  • Higher environmental standards: Modular construction is an inherently greener and safer approach, with the lean building process generating less waste material and creating less site disturbance.

Horizon North and Karoleena

Karoleena is a division of Horizon North, a Calgary, Alberta based, publicly listed corporation (TSX: HNL.TO) providing a range of modular solutions and industrial services. By working with Karoleena and our versatile, award-winning approach to residential construction, clients looking for uncompromised quality, sustainability and innovation will also enjoy the exceptional experience that Horizon North is committed to providing on every project.