Your Next Holmes Approved Home: Mike Holmes Discusses Working with Karoleena

I get asked a lot about modular homes. People are concerned that with a modular home, you’re not getting the same quality as you would with a traditional build. Here’s my answer: like with a traditional build, the quality of your modular home will depend on the reputation and skill of the builder. Just like not all homes will be created equal, not all modular homes will be to the same level of quality.

That’s why I am pleased to introduce Karoleena Homes, a division of Horizon North, a modular home builder, to my Holmes Approved Homes program. Holmes Approved Homes is all about building stronger, safer, more sustainable homes. Karoleena is a builder that knows quality, and knows how to Make It Right – the first time.

About Karoleena Homes

When someone says prefab or modular, most people’s kneejerk reaction is to think about a glorified trailer. I’m talking about vinyl sided, boxy, ugly looking homes – but with a Karoleena home, you’re choosing a home that’s unique to your tastes that looks as good or better than an on-site build.

With a new build by Karoleena you’re in the driver’s seat. You work with their team to select a layout that suits your tastes and needs – whether you love a traditional look, or something more modern, they can help you incorporate the finishing touches to create the home of your dreams.

Yes, it’s a modular home – but believe me, modular isn’t a dirty word. It refers to the style of construction, so let’s break down what that means, and why Karoleena is Holmes Approved.


What is a Modular Home?

Modular construction differs from other conventional methods of building by finding the elements of a project that can be prefabricated in an indoor, factory controlled environment. Once the separate modules are built, they’re transported to their site, set on the foundation, and joined together to make a completely integrated structure. Once complete, the home is indistinguishable from one built using conventional construction practices.

Karoleena is a leader in this building practice that makes traditional home construction look practically prehistoric in comparison. Using better building practices, they create homes that are energy efficient, safe, strong, and look good. The bones of the home are the most important aspect of the structure, and every Karoleena home includes a 5 year warranty in regards to the building envelope, and 10 years for any structural issues. That’s making it right.


Why Choose Modular?

For a new build home, modular offers a ton of advantages over an on-site build. When you’re building outside, you’re depending on Mother Nature to cooperate – and if she doesn’t, you could be seeing costly delays in your project.

By building in a controlled environment, construction is completed much more efficiently. A Karoleena modular home can be move in ready in as little as six months. Can you imagine a traditional build being ready that quick? I can’t, and I’ve seen a lot of builds in my time.

With most of the build being done in a controlled environment, you’re getting a tighter structure and a higher quality product. When building materials aren’t exposed to the elements, you’re not seeing problems related to warping, insects, or mould that you could see with an on-site build, which gives you a stronger structure.

And it’s green because modular building generates less waste and creates less site disturbance than an on-site build, which I love.


Working with Karoleena

Karoleena is a world-leader when it comes to modular home design, and they know how to work with your needs to design a home that feels right for your family.

Design & Engineering: Karoleena provides a full suite of design and engineering services helping you determine the best home layout that suits your needs.

Build: Once the permits are approved, building starts. Modules are built in a controlled environment, keeping production schedules in line, to make your home move-in ready as soon as possible.

Installation & Finish: Once the home is manufactured, it’s transported to the site and installed in a day. After installation, the home’s major systems are hooked up (the electrical and mechanical work).