Choosing the Right Design for Your Home

What do you see when you think of your dream home? Is it a place for parties and hosting, a place for relaxation, an environment for raising a family or one for building a business? Many of us want some or all of these elements in our living space. When building a house, it is our design choices that help us achieve the right feel and turn ‘house’ into ‘home’.

It can be overwhelming to determine which design fits your lifestyle based on a floor plan, but following a few steps will help you choose the design that works for you:

  • Identify what you like to do at home. Create a list of activities and experiences that you want to take place in your home. This can be anything from dinners with friends, to reading, to games with your children. It’s important to identify these activities, so they can be top of mind when you’re selecting a layout and choosing other design elements.
  • Focus on daily living. Now that you have your list of things you want to do at home, prioritize the items, emphasizing those you will be doing on a regular, day to day basis. Don’t ignore your dream items; instead, prioritize the most practical and realistic items. Doing this will help you make the best choices for the long term.
  • Take in the floor plan gradually. Planning the whole layout at once can be overwhelming. Once you know your priorities, ‘walk’ room by room through the house in your mind. This is the time to consider how the design and layout in each room can support the activities that are important to you, e.g. open living space for hosting parties. Visualize your desired events in each space. Think of ways to make the design suitable for that activity or flexible enough to adapt to several activities.

Using these tips, lets ‘walk’ through some Karoleena design features to illustrate how this approach can help you choose a home that fits your lifestyle. Karoleena homes are designed for modern living anywhere, but each have their own unique features to consider:

Kitchen: Central hub of activity or secluded sanctuary?

Do you like gourmet cooking? Do you need a large area to prepare food? Would you like your kitchen to be a part of entertaining guests? Answering questions like these will help you determine how isolated your kitchen should be from your general living space.

Aspen – a modern, free flowing space for entertainment

Lot size and location: Do you have the right ‘space’ for your dream place?

The size and natural landscaping features of your lot will influence the style of your home. If you have a narrow lot, it would generally require a house design that maximizes space by building upward instead of outward. A wide lot offers more flexibility to spread out on a single floor.

Kitsilano – a sleek style, perfect for a narrow lot

Outdoor living: Are you surrounded with unspoiled views?

Scenic locations inspire plans that focus on capturing expansive views from every room in the home. Large panoramic windows and outdoor spaces like patios enhance the outdoor experience at home.

Fundy – floor-to-ceiling windows that bring nature in

At Karoleena, we design, manufacture and build dream homes that are move-in ready in as little as six months, with floor plans and designs that suit varying needs.

Our innovative, modular construction technique involves pre-fabricating modules in a factory environment, then transporting them to the site where they are fit together to build the home. A key advantage of this technique is customization. The shape and size of each module can be different to achieve the desired style for the home, and there are endless possibilities for interior and exterior finishes.

To see more Karoleena designs and layouts and choose the right style for you, visit our gallery.