Building Positive Neighbourly Relationships, Starts at the Beginning!

You have finally completed your home buyer due diligence, have fallen in love with a community, the lot and land, a ‘piece of your own paradise’ for your new home build.  You are now ready to proceed with constructing your modern dwelling.  This is the point in the process where a conventional home builder typically moves onto your parcel of land, and ‘sets up shop’ for months and months, even years, building your new home.  The impact of this on the local community, your future neighbours, is very strenuous, straining a relationship that has yet to begin.

Put yourself in your neighbours shoes for a moment, the empty lot that has sat vacant beside your home for the past year has finally been purchased, and construction has started on a new project.  An endless parade of materials, trades people and waste removal to-and-from the site is starting to put a damper on your lifestyle.  And did we mention the noise and unsightly, enormous waste bin that is parked right next to your driveway?  This could quite literally go on for over 18 months. No wonder some new neighbourly relationships start on the wrong foot!

These current, conventional residential construction techniques have had limited evolution over the past 100 years, lagging significantly in resolving historic challenges with waste management, cost overruns, schedule delays, environmental impact and quality control.

Enter the world of modular construction, a home building solution differing from other conventional methods, such as ‘stick-built’, which is the piece-by-piece, on-site process of home construction mentioned earlier.  Both methods utilize the same materials and design philosophy, and follow the same building codes and standards.  The significant difference lies in where construction of the home takes place.  With modular construction, design software identifies elements of your home construction project that can be prefabricated as modules, in a factory controlled environment. Your home, that was being manufactured as the foundation was prepared, is then transported and set in place by use of crane, and joined together to make one integrated home.

The modular construction process reduces the on-site construction time of your new home by 50% or more!  Which not only provides sooner occupancy, but also significantly reduces the impact your home build has on the local community, and especially your new neighbours.  There is no steady parade of traffic to the site, there isn’t a waste bin overflowing, the noise is limited to a few short weeks and the overall land disturbance is minimal.

This can all be accomplished in as little as six months, meaning your new home is move-in ready in as little as six months!

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