Why are we an award winning home builder?

Because we are years ahead in building technology and sustainability compared to traditional home builders; modular construction has been used globally since the turn of the 1900’s and housed people through the world wars, but today it is revolutionizing the home building industry.

Due to the large quantity of timber available in North America, wooden framed homes have always been the norm but conscientious efforts to preserve trees to fight climate change and look toward more sustainable building practices is pushing modular homes and prefab homes into the limelight.

Build strong, beautiful, energy efficient homes to reduce your future energy costs

Built in a climate controlled warehouse, prefab modular homes suffer no material damage from the weather outside because they are protected at their most vulnerable stage by being built inside. The building process is a consistent method so every house is built to the exact same quality standards ensuring up to 50% savings in your future energy bills compared to traditional building methods.

Modular prefab homes are built in an efficient manner meaning that you will be living in it sooner compared to traditional home building practices and the building process saves up to 45% of waste from conventional construction. That’s a lot less waste.

Best way to reduce the stress when building a home

Everyone knows that building a home or going through a renovation with your significant other can be trying. The surprising benefit when you build with modular construction technology is that you will be living in it MUCH sooner than you would compared to building the traditional way. The experienced and professional team at Karoleena Homes takes care of the entire process.

SAM award winning, Karoleena, offers customers a premium quality home that looks stunning, is energy efficient with sustainable building practices, durable for generations to come and is designed to maximize space.  We build modern, single family homes, cabins and secondary suites, everywhere from the heart of urban centers such as Calgary and Vancouver to the remote mountains in Alberta or Lakes of British Columbia.

Karoleena’s clients demand a better way to build with less stress. They want to save time and reduce their eco footprint while developing a home, or investment property, that meets their core values.

They meet customers expectations with modular or ‘systems-built’ processes, home automation technologies and luxurious finishes. We know you’re looking for more than just the average building experience, so come spend a little time with us and see how extraordinary the experience can be. Watch the founding brothers of Karoleena Homes pitch to the Dragons Den.


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