Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some helpful answers to the most popular questions that we receive from customers looking to build a new home.

The questions start with our unique home building process, which will quickly learn we build a better house so you can live in it quicker, to how much is it to build a house, common misconceptions about modular homes, prefab homes, how long does it take to build a house,  what is a prefabricated or manufactured home, building codes, warranties, and finally our product guarantees.

Karoleena commits to excellence in home building procedures and customer service. We strive to provide the necessary information needed by our customers so they can make wise choices when deciding on how and who to build a home with.

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Q. What’s different about a Karoleena home?

A. Karoleena homes are built in sections in a controlled environment, where they are protected from snow, rain and weather at every stage of the construction process. The sections move through our factory with strict quality control measures in place throughout the entire process. Once completed at our manufacturing facility, the finished sections are protected for transport and then shipped to your site. On site, the modules are craned onto the completed foundation and secured in place before finishing touches are completed by our team of local professionals.

Q. What makes your building process so unique?

A. Most conventional, site-built or stick-built homes include manufactured components such as roof trusses, floor joists and windows. At Karoleena, we build our homes off-site in our own environmentally controlled manufacturing facility. This means we can have an entire home built in less than half the time of the conventional process, with minimal disturbance to your neighbours and the surrounding community, and a far greater overall environmental impact. We shift the focus from hammer and nails and weather delays to an intelligent design process. We employ the latest advances in technology to deliver homes that are structurally, architecturally, mechanically, environmentally and electrically engineered from top to bottom.

Q. What makes your building process so environmentally friendly?

A. Unlike the traditional building site that will see countless bins filled with construction scraps throughout the building process, as well as theft and material losses or damage due to inclement weather, with our process, there is virtually zero waste accumulated because the entire build is incredibly streamlined and every cut done with exacting precision. Additionally, our modular construction process eliminates the many months of tradespeople, materials and supplies traveling to and from a conventional work site, and we build using the greenest materials, finishes and technologies possible.

Q. Do you build conventional homes as well?

A. Yes. In fact, Karoleena started out building homes using conventional construction. After years of site construction we learned first-hand that systems-built construction is of higher quality and consistency, and we believe that the future of sustainable building is in systems-built techniques. However, your Karoleena home can be built conventionally if you prefer, or as a hybrid of both modular and site-built components.


Q. Are Karoleena homes the same as modular homes, RTMs, mobile or manufactured homes?

A. No. These types of manufactured homes generally do not conform to the highest level of residential building codes and are not built to the same degree of strength or quality as Karoleena homes. Karoleena’s homes are constructed to the same standard required by site-built homes, and in many ways, actually exceed most building codes. We like to tell people that you couldn’t pick up a normal house and crane it into the sky or helicopter it over to a remote location without it falling apart in pieces. By virtue of the way our homes are built, they are incredibly strong, have a building envelope that’s second to none in terms of energy-efficiency, durability and weather resistance, and are architecturally designed and engineered from the ground up.

Q. Don’t all manufactured homes look alike?

A. No, and unless you were there to see the a Karoleena home delivered and assembled, you wouldn’t know it was wasn’t built on site once it’s been placed on its foundation. All of Karoleena’s homes are designed by our internal team of architects and designers. Any of our standard plans can be amended to suit your preferences, or we can work with you and/or your preferred architect to come up with a design from scratch.

Q.Is a Karoleena home more expensive than a traditional home?

A. It’s actually about the same. Because we don’t rely on multiple teams of subcontractors or traditional drawn-out building methods, we’re able to build homes far more affordably than you would expect. This savings is, of course, passed on to you. We pride ourselves in knowing that the fully-finished product we deliver will far exceed that of our competitor’s in quality, durability and value. However, cost aside we can have you in your house in a fraction of the time of a typical builder with a much finer quality.

Q. What is the cost of your homes?

A. Our home costs vary according to a number of factors, including size, location of the build and degree of upgrades and finishings. Our pricing includes your fully-finished, turn-key home, while tax, shipping, craning (where necessary) and site work (ie. excavation, demolition of existing structures and pouring of your foundation) are additional fees our clients must account for.

Q. How big are the homes you build?

A. We pride ourselves in being able to build everything from inner-city infills, lane homes and secondary suites, to recreation properties big and small, multi-family developments and commercial buildings. Our homes range in size from 755 sq. ft. to many thousands of sq ft. Essentially, we can design any size of home, cabin or commercial building you want – all you need is the land to accommodate it.

Q. How long does it take to build a Karoleena home?

A. This really depends on how intricate the design is that we develop together with the client, although some of Karoleena’s standard designs can be built in as little as three weeks. Because we build indoors with an in-house team of industry leading tradespeople, we never have to worry about weather delays, damaged materials, late deliveries or sourcing qualified trades. Once your completed home has been transported to your lot, we secure the modules to the foundation, and take approximately another month to complete utility hookups and button-up work.

Q. If I pick out a home now, how long do I have to wait until I can move in?

A. Our time frame is vastly reduced in comparison to traditional stick builders, which are often 9 – 18 months from start to finish. From the time we begin discussing a project to the time it’s delivered to site, we are willing to guarantee you will be in your new home in six months or less (subject to a few things our lawyer told us to tell you). As with any type of construction, however, the permitting process can be somewhat of an unknown, but rest assured that municipal, strata and community dealings are second nature to Karoleena’s team of professionals, and you and your site are in good hands.

Q. Can you assist with construction financing?

A. Somewhat. We’ve got a great team of people in our network, some of whom specialize in construction and other types of financing. The Karoleena team extends beyond the people in the warehouse and we will do all you can to allow you access our networks to find financing and satisfy your needs. In the end, much of the outcome is determined by your own credit worthiness and resources.


Q. Are Karoleena homes built to code?

A. Absolutely. Karoleena homes are designed and constructed to meet or exceed local building codes for each and every region they are built for. Representatives of the Canadian Standards Association also inspect every home during construction in our manufacturing facility, while local inspectors follow up on site. All of our plans are architecturally, structurally, mechanically and electrically engineered, with a stamp of approval from all the necessary people and departments in the municipality, town or city where the home is headed.

Q. Do your homes come with a warranty?

A. Yes. the New Home Warranty Programs apply in the Provinces where the homes are delievered, and as such, all of our homes come with a completely warranted guarantee. In addition to the New Home Warranty, we provide an additional 10-year structural warranty and a lifetime service program for as long as you live in your home.

Q. Are Karoleena homes inspected or tested?

A. Karoleena homes are built according to all local building codes, so they are treated exactly the same as a site-built home. In most cases, obtaining your development permit is just as simple as it would be for a conventionally-built home.

Q. Am I restricted to certain places if I wish to build a Karoleena home?

A. We can build your home in virtually any location. Essentially, anywhere you can build a conventional home, we can build our modular homes. If you’re looking to build in a place where road access doesn’t exist, fear not – we’ve built our modules to accommodate barge and helicopter transport, too.

Q. What is included with a Karoleen home?

A. Everything you would expect and more. Your Karoleena home is 95-percent complete before it even leaves our manufacturing facility, which you are are more than welcome to visit anytime to see the progress of your home’s construction. Before you move in, we ensure your shower water is hot, the oven is working and the iPod docks are playing music throughout your home.

Q. What’s not included?

A. The only time we wouldn’t provide you with a 100-percent completed home was if you didn’t want us to provide your appliances.

Q. How complete is the house when it is delivered to my site?

A. Typically only ‘button up’ work is necessary once your home is secured to its foundation. This includes minor drywall and painting touch-ups as well as mechanical and electrical tie-ins – all of which, of course, are included in the cost of your home. Once this brief site work is done, the keys are yours.

Q. Does the house come with all the wiring completed?

A. Yes, all wiring is complete. Once the home arrives and is placed on its foundation, we ensure the main service is brought to the house and tied into the panel.

Q. Does the plumbing have to be completed by a separate company?

A. We complete all plumbing ground works prior to pouring your basement floor. Once the home is placed on the foundation all tie-ins are completed and tested to ensure proper functionality.

Q. Are the appliances included in the purchase price or is the buyer responsible to purchase them on their own?

A. We include appliances as part of our package price, but you are welcome to omit them if you’d prefer to supply your own.

Q. What about the painting and finishing?

A. The home is completely finished prior to handing over the keys. We are an Alberta New Home Warranty member and must provide a ‘zero deficiency’ home as per the certificate of possession.

Q. Do you also do the roofing and siding outside?

A. We strive to complete as much as possible within our controlled factory environment. If any roofing or siding cannot be completed in the factory prior to transport, we will complete it on site.

Q. Do you finish the basement also?

A. If our clients chose to finish their basement, we can provide a quote and will finish the basement with our team of local trades.

Q. Do you have an architect or designer on staff?

A. Yes. we have a designer on staff. Additionally, we work with several architects, designers, engineers and interior designers as needed, who are as passionate about intelligent design as we are. We’re positive you’ll love working with our design team throughout the process, and we look forward to your ongoing input and ideas.

Q. Can you design a custom home for me?

A. Your home is likely your greatest investment and it should be built just the way you want. If you’re not a fan of our pre-designed home plans as-is, you’re more than welcome to customize them to suit your preferences. If we are starting from scratch with an entirely new plan, your custom design will involve more time and expense up front, but our team greatly enjoys working through the design process and we think you will too. Already have a set of custom home plans designed? We’re happy to work with those too.

Q. Is Karoleena’s building process all that different from the conventional home construction process?

A. Our homes are built with the very same construction practices as site-built, wood framed homes, but take advantage of the same innovative benefits that Henry Ford established hundreds of years ago with assembly line manufacturing. By virtue of having to be shipped thousands of kilometres and often craned 10 metres or more into the air, our homes are more robust than their site-built counterparts. In contrast to traditional construction, Karoleena’s homes are strengthened and reinforced by approximately 30-percent more material in order to withstand transport and craning – the very same amount of waste that is generated in the average site-built home construction project.

Q. Why would I use Karoleena instead of a different home company?

A. Karoleena was the first to build technologically advanced, systems-built homes in Canada. We feel we’ve been trailblazers in the field and have a firm grasp on both the urban and rural home buyer’s wants and needs. We are committed to providing cutting-edge home innovations, green technologies, materials and processes to offer you a home that is delivered on time and on budget, constructed to the highest level of quality and as eco-friendly and forward-thinking as can be, while remaining affordable for our deserving clients.

If you haven’t found the answer to your home building question, we would be happy to speak with you about it. Email us now!