May 2014

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  • Choices for modern homes

    The Trend Towards Choosing Prefab Modern Homes For Revenue Suites & Renovation As property values rise, and urban densification becomes the new model in urban planning, modern houses are being looked at from a whole new retinue of possible design choices and trends. Post-war and traditional post-and-beam constructs are looked at as possible “tear-downs”, with […]

  • Design your own house

    Modern ways to design your own house Designing your own house can be an exciting experience.  You are able to use your creative spirit to put your special touches into the final product.  Adding your design ideas to your new home is a wonderful way to make a house a home. These custom home design floor […]

  • What is a modular home anyways?

    What is a modular home? “Prefabricated homes, also known as prefab homes or modular homes, are dwellings that are pre-engineered and fabricated, off-site, in a manufacturing facility.” Prefab homes are built in climate controlled facilities with exacting standards and quality control, which can then be easily shipped and assembled on a home owner’s land. Current […]