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Modern Homebuilding Solution

Exclusive Designs

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Timeline Certainty

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Naturally Responsible Homes

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Technologically Advanced

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Outstanding Homes

World’s best homes.

At Karoleena, we set out to do the impossible: design, manufacture and install the World’s Best Homes in a six month time frame. This means reinventing every element of homebuilding to make the process not only more efficient and predictable but also better. The result is more than just a house. It’s the future of homebuilding.

Life Inside.

Our goal has always been to make our homes more accessible. More relevant. And ultimately, more personal. Nature, technology and architecture in harmony.

Full Design Services.
Customizable modular prefab.

We believe that a great homebuilding experience starts with a great design. Anyone can give you a cookie cutter home but to allow for fully customizable prefab, we had to completely rethink how each home is engineered and manufactured. Our proprietary design and manufacturing system enables faster, greener, and more beautiful homes.

Precision Manufactured.
Quality Assurance and Accelerated Build Timeframe.

The most efficient way to build a home is in a factory setting. It never rains, it never blows and your home is never exposed to the elements until it is ready. Our SWWFR system organizes the homebuilding process into repeatable, quantifiable steps. This amazing process provides certainty of construction, timeframe, quality and cost.

An Unmatched Homebuilding Experience.

Whether its a small getaway retreat or your new custom urban home, from the moment you see your Karoleena home arrive to when you move in may be as little as two weeks. There is no other homebuilding experience that compares to Karoleena.

Inspired Living.

A Karoleena home is vastly different from one you see on the way home or in a development. It’s more than a home. It’s a true expression of your personal taste. We design Karoleena homes to reflect a wide range of styles and preferences. Because we want you to love owning in it as much as you love living in it.

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