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The Naramata by Karoleena, Naramata, BC

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The Kitsilano by Karoleena, Naramata, BC

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Outstanding Homes

The Kitsilano by Karoleena, Naramata, BC

World’s best homes.

Are you looking for a simple solution for a modern, beautiful, energy efficient new home?

We build high quality, beautiful modern modular homes, prefab homes and prefab cabins in half the time of traditional premium home builders in compliance with either CSA A277 or CSA Z40. Our stunning designs will meet your distinct design tastes and our quality conscious efficient home building process will amaze you. Impress your family and friends with a beautiful energy efficient home built to last. 

Reduce the stress of building your own home by working with Karoleena, the experienced professional prefab home builders. We will take care of the hard work organizing the trade workers, purchasing the building materials and meeting the building code requirements to leave you basking in the afterglow of a stunningly beautiful new home.

Save time building your home. Our process ensures that you move into your home sooner that you would have imagined. We build durable, green homes that use the best energy efficient building materials to lessen your overall utility costs and reduce the amount of construction material waste into the landfills by impressive volumes.

Karoleena offers new modern house designs of modular homes, modern prefab homes and prefab cabins in both standard and custom models.

Karoleena cranes together a new home in Eagle Bay, BC – August 2014

Is Karoleena right for you?

A Karoleena home can be built for a variety of settings, whether your property location is inner city or rural properties there are many reasons why a Karoleena home may be the best choice for you.  Please  go through the questions below to see if a Karoleena home is right for you.

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